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 Brave Fighter 2: Monster Legion [HACK/MOD: Money]

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  • Author: Enot
  • Category: RPG
  • Updated:
  • Android: 4.0.3 and up
Once upon a period, some uninvited monsters and abnormal creatures occupied your lands and starts resources wasting and snatching. Villagers died one by one. Grass stops growing and flower smells weird! They need your rescue from those chaos and sufferings.

This is an epic war against demons and monsters. Brave fighter, are you ready to battle?
Recruit best mercenary and form your own legion! Swing your sword and slash those horrible monsters into pieces! Don’t be afraid! Hire powerful mercenaries to fight with you! Establish an invincible army! Lead your army to battle and win the war! Win nice props during levels adventures and arena challenges.

Remember to upgrade your hero weapons and skills, which will benefit you a lot. Also upgrade your mercenaries’ attributes and recruit proper mercenaries to fight with you! Smash demons and monsters with your undefeatable legion! Claim generous daily sign in bonus and achievement rewards!

- Great sound effect and vivid visual effects
- Distinctive hero skills and attack effects
- 3+ battle modes: levels mode, arena mode and endless mode
- 128+ roles and mercenaries for you to choose to fight
- 150+ amazing scenes customized for you to adventure
- Mercenary Formation, PVP, arena, elite levels will open to all players
- Massive creatures to smash: snakes, scorpion, spider, wild boar, lizard and wasp
- Tons of magic creatures: goblin, werewolf, vampire, ghost and so on
- 4+ Lands with different styles: magic castle, fantasy lake, mystery jungle, epic continent

Recruit elite mercenary to fight with you! Become Honor knight of kingdom! Enjoy fighting in Brave Fighter 2- frontier free!

Brave Fighter, time to start your adventure and smash the jungle demons now!
This is a free RPG game for you to play, but there are digital goods inside the shop. You can benefit from those goods while in this strategy battle. If you tend to spend no money, you can disable that purchase function.

Download  Brave Fighter 2: Monster Legion [HACK/MOD: Money] for Android
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