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Into Space Race [HACK/MOD: Money]

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  • Author: Enot
  • Category: Action
  • Updated:
  • Android: 4.1 and up
Start your own race into space for free!
Fly through the outer space using eight different rockets and examine extraterrestrial worlds.
Collect coins and diamonds to upgrade your rockets and push them to the limit.
No pay to play!
Unlock the next planets by finishing the levels.
Avoid the uncountable dangers of the galaxy and fight your way to new planets.
This app is one of the most addictive and entertaining racing games ever made!
Embrace the challange to start a journey that takes you to where no human has ever been before.
Have no respect to the laws of physics when you start your race through galaxy.
Don't run out of fuel and don't rest until you have conquered all challenges.

-Numerous rockets to fly
-Tuneable parts to upgrade your rocket include thruster, boosters and fuel tanks
-Different planets like earth, moon and mars
-Collect coins, fuel and repair kits on your journey
-uncountable obstacles to dodge
-Google Play achievements and leaderboard
-Updates with more stages coming soon!
-Space Race against your fuel tanks

Play this great rocket space racing adventure and become the best pilot in the galaxy!
Into Space Race [HACK/MOD: Money]
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