» » » The Caribbean Pirate: Sail of Fortune [HACK/MOD: Money]

The Caribbean Pirate: Sail of Fortune [HACK/MOD: Money]

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  • Author: Enot
  • Category: Adventure
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  • Android: 4.4 and up
Plunge into naval action and live life of Caribbean pirate — sail your ship, fly your black flag, battle royal navy. With trusty pirate crew and ship you can conquer the Caribbean sea, fight navy and monsters, sail wherever wanted. Set sail to pirate adventures of the Caribbean sea on your own ship and hoist the black flag high!

Features of The Caribbean Pirate: Sail of Fortune:

NAVAL ACTION — Command your pirate ship in intense and realistic naval action

TRADE AND PLUNDER — Do Caribbean pirate routine, set sail, rob a ship and trade loot in ports

PIRATE SHIP — Fix and supply your pirate ship and crew for sailing, or buy new ship

QUEST LINES — Live an epic pirate story or find your own jobs in the Caribbean

CARIBBEAN SEA — Enjoy pirate freedom and sail under black flag to any corner of open sea

Take your ship, captain!
Become a captain of a pirate ship, fly a black flag and sail to Caribbean adventure. Face hardships of Caribbean pirate life — fight sea beasts, weather and royal navy, trade and keep your pirate ship sailing. Assemble your pirate crew under your black flag and sail across Caribbean sea — forge your pirate glory in battle with navy, monster and Caribbean sea itself!

Sail under black flag!
Plunder as you please, or find a pirate job! People may hire a pirate ship to operate in the Caribbean sea. And watch out for navy — many wants your pirate ship at the Caribbean sea bottom. Or follow and epic pirate story, fight war with navy and become a Caribbean pirate legend yourself!

Plot your course!
Caribbean sea is yours to sail. Discover the archipelago of Caribbean sea, sail your pirate ship to every isle and enjoy spirit of sea adventure. Seek treasures and troubles, like any Caribbean pirate and sail your ship under black pirate flag!

Enter the world of Caribbean sea, sail your pirate ship and hoist your own black flag high — try sailing in the sea of adventure!
The Caribbean Pirate: Sail of Fortune [HACK/MOD: Money]
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