» » » THE CLASH : Heroes Will [HACK/MOD: God Mode/Ohe Hit]

THE CLASH : Heroes Will [HACK/MOD: God Mode/Ohe Hit]

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  • Author: Enot
  • Category: Adventure
  • Updated:
  • Android: 4.1 and up
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THE CLASH has begun.

Who will be the one to slay the evil Dragons and sit on the throne?

Join the Guild of Heroes, Slay the evil Dragons.

Key Features of THE CLASH : Heroes Will

◎ CLASH with Global Friends: Make alliances globally and build stronger Dominion. Do not worry about the language as it supports real-time auto translating system.

◎ Legendary Hero: Summon and Arrange your hero to give special buff effects to your Army. Your Hero will bring victory to you.

◎ Build invulnerable Dominion: Research and build stronger dominion. Upgrade and Hire stronger troop. Be prepared for enemy invasions.

◎ Victory with Strategy: Win the battle with your own strategy. Be the smart general and defeat the enemy.

◎ Be the Ruler of the World: Invade enemy dominion and enslave their heroes. You can build stronger dominion by ruling others and collecting tax from your empire. Be prepared for intercontinental War. There is only one to rule them all! Are you ready for the battle?
THE CLASH : Heroes Will [HACK/MOD: God Mode/Ohe Hit]
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