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Mega Museum [HACK/MOD: Money]

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  • Author: Enot
  • Category: RPG
  • Updated:
  • Android: 4.1 trở lên
Explore the world, uncover rare artifacts and build the Museum of your dreams in this incremental, loot-based, curation game

"Mega Museum" is a mixture of incremental and loot based games, allowing you to dive in or relax as much as you like, whilst you accumulate wealth and items for visitors of your very own "Mega Museum". With secrets to discover and mysteries to uncover, travel the world in search of the most MEGA pixel artifacts you can find! The further you get the more challenging this adventure becomes but more surprises and secrets await! can you discover them all?

➠ DISCOVER and COLLECT ITEMS throughout the WORLD to display at your MEGA MUSEUM!
➠ Your MUSEUM will be RATED DAILY based upon what you have found the previous day!
➠ PERSONALISE your game with your very own AVATAR!
➠ RESEARCH and unlock NEW ITEMS and MAG UPGRADES to help you build your Museum faster using your very own RESEARCH LAB
➠ Uncover SECRETS and many MYSTERIES along your JOURNEY!
➠ Take part in our FESTIVE EVENTS to be rewarded with SPECIAL BADGES and more REWARDS!
➠ FUN striking visual PIXEL ART!
➠ Warm RELAXING soundtrack composed by Kenneth Cobble, Travis Lohmann and Matthew Harnage!
➠ Detailed HISTORY behind every ARTIFACT you find with humorous descriptions!
➠ Earn BADGES from your MEGA SUCCESS!

Added Features with Mega Town update:
- Specialist Room - Hire item finders to explorer for some special items
- Mega Town
- Casino - With two mini games
- Swap Shop - Swap your NEW Mega Tokens for special items
- Town Cave - Mystery digging site
- Fun Mini Mega Quest - Help find the lost puppy
- Temple - A NEW! mystery to solve
- A NEW! Secret
Mega Museum [HACK/MOD: Money]
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